JUIT x URBIFY - a remarkable success story!

Philip Jäger

Philip Jäger

17 Jun

Success stories

In early 2023, we embarked on a collaboration with JUIT, an innovative FoodTech company specializing in sustainable, healthy, and shock-frozen meals. Since its inception, JUIT has been committed to minimizing unnecessary packaging materials and sourcing local and seasonal ingredients, aiming to prioritize environmental conservation from the very start of the supply chain.

Ordinary frozen food deliveries come with various challenges. They are significantly more cost-intensive than regular package shipments, and the delivery to customers must be made as convenient and pleasant as possible. Due to the nature of frozen goods, they cannot be left at the doorstep or with neighbors, making delivery logistics complex.

Ensuring the frozen chain using dry ice and insulation materials significantly limits the sustainability potential of the packages and requires a substantial amount of packaging. Another issue is undelivered packages, which often need to be discarded because packages with dry ice and insulation can't maintain the required temperature indefinitely, leading to breaks in the frozen chain.

Together, we tackled this problem and introduced our Urbify Frozen-Delivery solution. This marked the inception of an efficient frozen supply chain from the serene Ettlingen to our hub in Berlin. As a result, JUIT can completely eliminate insulation materials and dry ice, packaging their frozen meals in thin boxes made from 95% recyclable cardboard, which aare then handed over to us.

By saving over 90% of insulation and packaging materials, we, in collaboration with JUIT, took another step towards sustainability. To enhance the customer experience sustainably, we introduced two delivery time windows.

Every day, our refrigerated transport vehicles cover all Berlin postal code areas, delivering JUIT Frozen meals in two time slots. Customers who prefer delivery to their workplaces, for instance, receive their shipments between 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM. Alternatively, the classic evening delivery window is available, with deliveries made between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM.

To ensure customer satisfaction, customers receive an SMS and/or email in the morning, containing a one-hour delivery window, enabling them to plan precisely when their JUIT shipment will arrive. As a result, looking back over the past six months, we achieved a first-attempt delivery success rate of 98.05%.

If, on rare occasions, a customer cannot be reached, they are initially contacted by one of our drivers. If a personal delivery is still not feasible, the customer is revisited during the return leg of the route. In extremely rare cases, a frozen delivery is taken back to our storage facility, kept at -18 degrees Celsius overnight, and attempted for delivery the following day.

Following this successful pilot phase, we are already in firm plans for a Frozen-Rollout in additional major German cities. If you are also interested in an efficient and sustainable premium frozen delivery solution, feel free to reach out to us and receive a tailored offer.

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