Unveiling the journey and vision behind Urbify

Urbify is redefining the last mile delivery experience

Our mission is to revolutionize the delivery experience for customers and online shoppers.

At Urbify, we prioritize customer's needs, providing fast, reliable, and flexible delivery options tailored to recipient's preferences. All while minimizing our environmental impact.

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Our guiding


We strongly believe that customer satisfaction is key to providing an outstanding delivery service. That's why we are dedicated to creating a delivery experience that meets your expectations and preferences.

One community

Our goal is to create a better delivery experience for everyone. We believe in working together with our retail partners and customers to continuously improve our service and make online shopping a seamless and stress-free experience. Together, we can shape the future of delivery!


At Urbify, sustainability is not just about being environmentally conscious, but also socially responsible. We're committed to increase the percentage of green and emission-free deliveries in our network, while actively supporting social initiatives that promote the well-being of all. If you have any environmental or social projects that we can support, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always looking for ways to make a positive impact in the world.

One team @ Urbify

Our dedicated team is united in our vision to revolutionize last mile delivery. With members from multiple nationalities and diverse skill sets, we work towards providing the most customer-oriented and sustainable delivery options on the market

Benedikt Stolze


Riccardo Mannhoefer


Toni Schindel


Jerolim Dragojevic


Ralf Huep

Advisor & Investor

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Our success stories

Serdar Mansour Azar

Co-Founder Juit

Urbify offers customer-oriented delivery experiences for us with refrigerated vehicles, eliminating the need for dry ice and reducing packaging material for our frozen shipments by 90%.

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Niklas Hummelsiep

Team Lead Fleet & Operations

Urbify combines software and operations to offer the best possible quality and flexibility for our delivery service.

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Oliver Kraftsik

VP International Logistics (EU + US)

Urbify empowers us to provide a superior next day delivery service to our customers across German metropolitan areas with cut-off times as late as midnight.

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