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Fashion & leisure

Beauty & health

Grocery & food

Interior design

Pet supplies


Your benefits of delivering
smiles with Urbify

Ultra late cut-off

You can rely on our next-day delivery service to easily handle late cut-off times, even as late as 11:59 PM


We provide efficient routing optimization, have a constantly growing fleet of electric vehicles, and have partnered with Climate Partners to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Delivery success

By providing fast delivery and high success rates, we increase customer satisfaction and reduce the return rate of your shipments.

Branded experience

Gain brand exposure in German and Austrian metropolitan cities with our co-branded e-vehicle initiative, providing up to 10 hours of daily exposure. To reinforce your brand image, we offer customized customer communication with every interaction.

Time-window delivery

Our software-calculated one-hour delivery time frame has a success rate of over 99%, ensuring high correlation between our promised and actual delivery times. With our reliable delivery time promise, customers can easily plan their day around their package delivery.

Our success stories

Oliver Kraftsik
VP International Logistics (EU + US)

Urbify empowers us to provide a superior next day delivery service to our customers across German metropolitan areas with cut-off times as late as midnight.

Niklas Hummelsiep
Team Lead Fleet & Operations

Urbify combines software and operations to offer the best possible quality and flexibility for our delivery service.

Our integration process is easy thanks to our trusted partners.

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