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Philip Jäger

Philip Jäger

22 Sep

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The REWE delivery service is Germany's leading provider of grocery deliveries. Since 2012, Rewe has been delivering fresh groceries to both private and business customers, expanding to new regions every year. Urbify is proud to have supported this success story since January 2020.

The challenges of grocery delivery are evident, with the delivery process being demanding and requiring extensive training. Compliance with food quality standards also plays a crucial role, with key issues such as the cold chain, substitute items, and deposits being vital in the delivery process.

Urbify has addressed these challenges by developing a partner management software solution. Not all orders can be delivered by REWE directly, necessitating a network of service-oriented transport partners that need effective management. Urbify's technology enables the quality-oriented control of transport partners, making a high-quality delivery service scalable throughout Germany.

For Urbify, it was central from the beginning to focus on quality. Although rapid capacity adjustments and dynamic growth posed challenges to this task, they could not divert our attention. We are convinced that only through demonstrably higher quality in last-mile delivery can added value be created, leading to a long-term, trusting partnership.

As so often, this successful partnership began on a small scale in Berlin when our founder, Ben Stolze, personally delivered orders to customers. Today, Urbify supports the delivery of nearly 2,500 customers daily across Germany. Additionally, there is customer service available from 6 am to 10:30 pm for inquiries. Customer satisfaction is our absolute priority, which, in our opinion, can only be achieved through friendly and proactive communication. Or, in the words of Niklas Hummelsiep, Delivery Service Team Leader:

"Urbify combines software and operations to offer the best possible quality and flexibility for our delivery service."

Today, our technical solution is even more responsive to the new requirements in the delivery process. With our own driver app, we can replicate REWE's standardized processes and expand them with additional features such as driver training and automatic scheduling. This ensures comprehensive transparency in collaboration, and drivers can be continuously supported in carrying out their routes. As of January 1, 2022, we were able to appoint Dennis Hartmann, an extremely experienced and motivated managing director, who now leads the food division of Urbify.

We thank all colleagues from the REWE delivery service for their trust and collaboration and look forward to more successful years ahead.

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