More Than 99% Delivery Success, How Is It Possible?

Ben Stolze

17 Oct


In today's fast-paced world, e-commerce has become an integral part of our lives, offering convenience and a wide range of products delivered right to our doorstep. Despite the conveniences of online shopping, the last mile of delivery remains a common frustration for both consumers and retailers. We've all experienced the frustration of expecting a package, only to miss the delivery due to our busy schedules. But what if there was a solution that prioritized the recipient's needs and accessibility? This is where we come into play, Urbify, a delivery service that is changing the game.

The Last Mile Dilemma

The last mile, often described as the final leg of a package's journey from the warehouse to the doorstep, is where the real challenges lie. While e-commerce companies make significant investments in creating seamless online shopping experiences and optimizing their warehouse operations, the last mile often falls short of expectations.

Delays and complications occur, leaving recipients frustrated and dissatisfied.
Common scenarios include packages being left with neighbors, ending up in parcel shops or lockers, and delivery attempts made when recipients are not at home. Traditional parcel delivery services often measure their performance based on the time until the first delivery attempt, rather than the actual successful delivery. This flawed approach can lead to misleading statistics that do not reflect the true customer experience.

Our Innovative Approach

We have recognized this problem and set out to revolutionize the last mile of package delivery. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in our impressive delivery success rate of over 99 percent. But how do we achieve such impressive numbers, especially with late cutoff times? The answer lies in our unique approach.
Instead of adhering to rigid delivery schedules, we prioritize the recipient's accessibility. We understand that customers lead busy lives and may not always be available during the usual delivery hours. To address this issue, we follow a simple yet effective approach: we only begin deliveries to B2C customers after 4:00 PM.
Furthermore, we offer innovative features like live tracking, allowing recipients to monitor their package's exact location in real-time. This gives customers the confidence of knowing where their package is and when it is expected to arrive. We go even further by providing customers with a limited hour time window in which delivery is expected. This enables precise planning and minimizes waiting times.

Another impressive feature of Urbify is our outstanding customer support. Our Customer Support team has the ability to directly contact the driver in case something goes wrong. This direct communication allows for swift resolutions and ensures that potential issues can be addressed immediately. We demonstrate that we excel not only in delivery but also in customer service.

This customer-centric approach, combined with innovative features such as live tracking, limited-hour delivery windows, and top-notch customer support, ensures that Urbify not only improves delivery but also elevates the entire customer experience to a new level. It's a small yet impactful step toward a smoother and more customer-friendly future of package delivery.

The Future of the Last Mile

Our approach to last-mile delivery provides a promising glimpse into the future of package delivery. In an era where convenience and customer satisfaction are top priorities, it is crucial for delivery services to adapt to the needs and accessibility of recipients. After all, a fast and efficient online shopping experience is of little use if the final step, the delivery, falls short of expectations.

As consumers, we should welcome innovations like our approach to the last mile. It not only saves time and frustration but also reflects a commitment to improving the customer experience. The future of the last mile is all about putting the customer first, and Urbify is leading this important transformation.

In summary, the last mile of package delivery has long been a source of frustration for consumers and retailers. Urbify's customer-centric approach is a ray of hope in the world of package delivery, demonstrating how prioritizing the recipient's needs can lead to remarkable improvements in the delivery experience. As we continue to rely on e-commerce, innovative solutions like ours are crucial for a smoother and more satisfying journey in online shopping.

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