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Ruven Schimmelpfennig

23 Oct


An Enriching Experience Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to spend three months in Brazil while working remotely. I would love to share my #Workation experience with you in this blog post. It was a journey filled with learning, adventure, and personal growth, and I hope that my perspective inspires you to consider your own Workation adventure.

Exploring New Horizons

The opportunity to work abroad arose when my girlfriend embarked on a six-month study trip to Brazil. I saw it as a chance to join her for three months. We immersed ourselves in the vibrant culture, starting with São Paulo, Brazil's largest city, and later exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia.

Balance Between Work and Adventure

One might think that working while traveling poses challenges, but it turned out to be surprisingly smooth. São Paulo, being one of the major business centers in Latin America, provided the perfect environment for focused work. With numerous co-working spaces and reliable internet, I managed to strike a balance between my professional commitments and exploring Brazil.

Navigating Time Zones

Overcoming the time difference was easier than expected. Fortunately, I experienced no significant jet lag and could adjust my work schedule to align with the team back home. Their understanding and support played a crucial role in ensuring seamless collaboration despite the geographic distance.

Seamless Teamwork

Effective teamwork knows no boundaries. We established clear communication channels and task assignments, slightly adjusting team responsibilities to ensure personal contact and on-site presence. However, most issues were resolved through online meetings, as we leveraged digital tools to work as efficiently as possible. Nevertheless, my team's understanding of the time difference made our collaboration even smoother— their adaptability and support were crucial to the success of this experience.

Lessons and Insights

This journey imparted several valuable lessons. Firstly, it emphasized the importance of seizing unique opportunities when they arise. Secondly, I discovered that learning the local language can significantly enrich one's understanding of the culture. Lastly, remote work opens up new possibilities to develop individual work structures that can sometimes be even more efficient.

Embrace the Adventure

I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to work remotely abroad to seize it! It's an experience like no other and has the potential to change your worldview. Consider time zones and communication, but don't let geographical barriers hold you back. I am grateful to my employer, Urbify, for granting me this flexibility, and to my team for their support.

This journey has left a lasting impression on my professional and personal life. If my story inspires just one person to embark on their own adventure, I'll be thrilled, so feel free to reach out if you're curious about remote work or need tips for Brazil!

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