Mastering Black Friday - from challenges to smiles.

Selina Bauder

23 Nov


Black Friday, the day that captivates shopping enthusiasts worldwide, is just around the corner, promising a veritable rush on online stores. At Urbify, we are prepared to meet these challenges with a blend of expertise and innovative spirit. Let's take a behind-the-scenes look and see how we ensure that your packages arrive smoothly and on time to the end customer.

Everyone gets their share of excitement on Black Friday. How could anyone say no to so many tempting offers? Yet, the time of Black Friday presents a challenge each year for retailers and, especially, for shipping companies to cope with the overwhelming surge in online orders. In the digital age, where more purchases are made over the internet than a few years ago, a continued upward trend in e-commerce is observed.

What problems arise on Black Friday?

The key to successful package delivery for a company is a successful delivery on the first attempt. This saves a lot of time, which is often tight for delivery personnel and is of even greater importance during events like Black Friday. However, many established shipping companies often fail to meet this demand, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and harm to the shipping company itself. Extended wait times for orders are also not uncommon. Even if the merchants keep up with the orders, it ultimately lies in the hands of the shipping service providers to ensure that the packages arrive on time. Another crucial point is the accessibility of the service provider and transparency during the delivery process for customers. Unfortunately, not many offer live customer support to respond immediately to customer questions or issues.

How can Urbify overcome these challenges?

As mentioned earlier, since many major shipping service providers cannot withstand the surge in orders without complications, there is a need for companies that confront these problems head-on. This is precisely what we do at Urbify. We specialize in achieving a high delivery success rate on the first attempt and offer next-day and same-day shipping, eliminating long wait times for orders. In addition, our in-house customer support is available six days a week from 6 am to 10 pm via phone, email, or WhatsApp, assisting customers with any questions and issues related to their orders.

How do we ensure that our service works?

Through our prioritized evening delivery from 4 pm to 9 pm, we achieve a success rate of over 99% in delivering directly to the customer's doorstep on the first attempt. Optimal route planning through our software ensures that our drivers are always on schedule during deliveries, and the end customer is informed about a one-hour delivery window.

These points are essential for our service, but planning in the weeks leading up to events like Black Friday is also crucial for a smooth operation. It must be clear to every employee that this time poses a challenge for our operational staff every year. That's why we all pitch in to handle the surge. Whether CEO or dual student, everyone helps during Black Friday, sorting packages, driving delivery routes, or assisting in customer support. It's the only way to manage it. Black Friday is a special time of year that brings challenges requiring unique solutions.

And at Urbify, we offer you and your company those unique solutions. If you're tired of frustrated customers receiving their goods late or with problems, reach out to us, and together we'll find your ideal solution for parcel delivery and rock the next Black Friday together!

But for now, we wish everyone a successful Black Friday and good luck, where everything runs smoothly and all packages arrive safely at the end customer!

Happy peak & let’s deliver smiles :)

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